Listings not appearing on Commercial View

I can't find my Commercial View listing in the search results

Let's see if we can find it, or find out why it's not there. If your listings have been loaded but you can’t find them in your search results, there are some things you can check prior to contacting Domain Group Support.



Clear refinement filters

It happens to the best of us:

Check that you don’t have a ‘Refine Search’ filter applied to your search that may be preventing a listing from coming up in your search results.

Click on the Commercial View logo at the top to start a new search with no filters.




Check your Agency Profile

Is your account still active? Make sure you still live by searching for your agency in Find an Agent:

Enter your agency name in the search box and click Seach Agent.


If you can’t find your agency in the search results contact Domain Group Support for further details.




Check your listing in Agent Admin

Check if the listing is in your All Listings page. If not, the listing will not be searchable.

Login to Agent Admin. From top navigation Listings menu click All Listings.

Enter the address, street name or suburb into the Search box.





Check listing details and photos

Perhaps the listing has been loaded with a different suburb or post-code, or the images have not been loaded.

Listings on Commercial View need photos to survive. If your images haven’t loaded successfully the listing will not go live.

From the listings page, click on the listing ID number in the left column to open the listing overview.


Check the Suburb and Post-Code fields and Property Type categories are correct and that the listing still has images.

Click Listing Details to check Suburb and Property Type categories and click Images & Tours to check the images.





Missing Listing?

The most common causes for missing listings are:

  • Listing doesn’t include any photos
  • Listing XML contains incorrect suburb name or postcode
  • Listing CRM/XML Provider have used incorrect agency/company ID in their listing feed

Check your CRM to ensure that Commercial View has been selected for export.

Sometimes we are experiencing delays due to high traffic, or there could be a technical glitch and your listing has not been processed. If it’s been more than 2 hours and you can’t find your listing in your All Listings page, contact Domain Group Support for further assistance.

Check with your CRM to ensure they are using the correct agency/company ID in their listings feed.

 Still can't find it?

If your account is active, your listing is sitting as For Sale or For Lease in the stock list, it has photos and you still can't find it, contact Domain Group Support team for assistance.

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