Create a listing in Commercial View Agent Admin

I want to create a listing in Commercial View Agent Admin.

Great! Let's show you how to create a new listing in Commercial View Agent Admin.



Before creating a new listing, make sure any agents to be assigned to the listing are already loaded into the Agent List. See this article for more info on how to create/add new agent:


Only start creating a new listing if you are ready for the listing to go live on the same day.

There are many components which are based off the ‘date created’ date which cannot be altered.

These components include (but are not limited to):

  • Listing ‘new’ tags,
  • ‘Saved search alert’ programming
  • Number of days on market
  • Other agent/agency reporting stats
  • Any auto-upgrade settings



Agent Admin may stall or time out if you take more than 20 minutes to complete your listing.

If you find that you are unable to complete the whole listing within 20 minutes, you may wish to complete step 1 and Save & Continue, then complete the listing and send live, however this must be done on the same day.

If Agent Admin has timed out, you can find the incomplete listing on the All Listings page by using Status: Incomplete filter.

Create a listing in Commercial View Agent Admin

To get started, login to Agent Admin. From top navigation Listings menu click New Listing.



Follow the steps below to create and publish your listing on Commercial View.

1. Enter the title and description

To create a listing the following details are compulsory:

  • Title
  • Description
  • For Sale or Lease
  • Property Type
  • Exclusivity
  • Primary Agent
  • Address
  • Price
  • Property image

 Enter the Title and Description for your property listing. When complete click Save & Continue.


2. Enter listing details
Enter all General Info attributes using the drop-down menus to select from the available options.


If the property is For Sale and For Lease, select Both from the For Sale or Lease drop-down menu.


Select the sale type from the Authority drop-down menu.


If the property is an Auction, when you select Auction the window will expand. Enter the Auction info in the appropriate fields.


You can select the options to Stream Auction Live (and also for Online bidding enabled). Select Yes for this option and enter the required info.



If the property is for Tender or Expressions of Interest, select from Authority drop-down menu. This section will expand to show the Tender or Expressions of Interest dates info. Enter the date and time by clicking each field and selecting from the drop-down menu.


3. Select agents

Select Agents and Conjunctional Agents using the drop-down menus.


You can only select an Agent that is already loaded into the Agent List. See this article for more details: Add a new agent to Agent Admin

You can only select Conjunctional Agencies that are also subscribed to Commercial View, and you can only select a Conjunctional Agent that has been created in that Agency.

To select a 2nd Conjunctional Agency and Agent the listing must be upgraded to Elite.


4. Enter the property location details

Enter the Lot/Level/Suite number, Street Number and Street Name.

To enter the Suburb, start typing the suburb name, then choose from the list. The suburb will validate and the State and Postcode will automatically populate.



Select whether you would like to display all address details, suburb and state only, or state only. This will also change the map location appearance on the listing.


5. Enter the property details

Enter Property Details by typing in the values and using the drop-down menus to select the appropriate options.


You can enter the Vendor Details for your own records, or as a convenient way to keep your client updated with when the listing is published and weekly activity reports.


Enter Sale or Lease Details.




Select Price Details then click Save & Continue.

If you’re happy to show the price on the listing select Display Price.


If you prefer to replace the price with ‘Display’ text, select Display in place of price (requires 'Price View') and enter the display text you would like to show.


Or, if you prefer not to display anything at all, select Do not display any price details.

Click Save & Continue.

6. Upload images, videos and media

To upload images and floorplans click Add Listing Images and Add Floor Plans.


Each property listing must have at least one property image before it can go live.

The recommended size for images is 640px (width) and 480px (height)

Images must be:
Format: JPG, PNG or GIF
Filesize: Up to 2MB

Select the files from your computer and click Open, or drag them onto the Upload File section.



The files will start loading.



If you have a PDF document you would like to include, it can be uploaded in the Downloadable file section. Click Add Documents and repeat the same steps as above.



Upload video links to the Interactive Tour & Video section.

Enter a Youtube or Vimeo link into the Video URL field.

Enter a link to your Virtual Tour in the Virtual Tour URL field.


A virtual tour is like an interactive floor plan. It may have pop-up images linked to hotspots, it may be a zoom in navigation style floor plan, or any variety of media.

A video tour is videography of the property.

You can’t physically upload these files to Commercial View listings - you can only input the URL which must link directly to the file, wherever it’s hosted. Videos must be hosted with Youtube or Vimeo, and Virtual Tours must be hosted with a pre-approved and recognised supplier.

You must not use links that link to another webpage. Only link directly to the video or virtual tour file itself.

Click Save & Continue.

7. Select placement options (upgrades) and publish

Select your listing’s Placement Option and the duration.



At the bottom of this page you can enter an Order Number which will appear on your invoice.

Click Publish to send the listing live.



If you have selected an upgrade, click Confirm in the confirmation window.


 All Done!

Your listing will now be live and searchable.


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